The European-style surgery of Móricz Dental in Budapest is a dental clinic where foreign patients are treated. Here you can find permanent, aesthetic and economic solutions to your dental problems.

Look up the symptoms that are typical for your dental problems, and then click them to find the ideal and economic dental solution.

I would like to get an accurate picture of my dental problems, and that of the possible high quality and economic solutions.

The successful dental intervention is based on the precise diagnosis. In our clinic in Budapest all the means necessary for the precise diagnosis are available: outstanding proficiency, dental specialists, gentle Green digital diagnosis (3D CT and panoramic X-ray devices).

Learn more about why it is worth to have your dental intervention carried out in Móricz Dental Clinic, in Budapest.

I have one or more missing teeth

Most people think that missing teeth are only of aesthetic importance; consequently, it is not essential to have the missing teeth replaced if they are back teeth. Missing teeth can lead to serious health problems. Nowadays, different gentle solutions are available if you would like to have these missing teeth replaced.

Click here to learn more about the permanent, aesthetic and economic solutions to replacing your missing teeth using implants.

Instead of having removable denture, I would like to have fixed teeth

There is a great deal of irritation for most people that their removable denture is uncomfortable. As a result, more and more people apply to their dentist so that they can have this situation dissolved. The use of implants is a great opportunity to solve these problems: instead of removable dentures, a fixed solution is made.

Click here if you would like to leave behind the unpleasantness caused by your removable denture and to gain your youthful chewing ability.

I would like to have more aesthetic teeth

Have you ever felt uncomfortable because your teeth are not aesthetic? The way to the perfect smile has never been as easily accessible as today; in addition, it is affordable for anyone. You can readjust your smile within one week using metal-free crowns.

Click here if you would like to have a smile that you envisaged, click here, because it can be realized in one week.

I would like to have whiter teeth

We are longing for wither and more aesthetic teeth, it is natural. Fortunately, today it is obtainable within one hour with an indulgent procedure that does not harm the dental tissues and the gum. In case that you would like to have a perfect ad more regular smile, ceramic veneers can be the best solution. We can assure you: there is an opportunity to have whiter smile. Click here to learn more about the details.

I would like to have more regular teeth

If you are not satisfied with the shape or the colour of your teeth, we can offer you solution using metal free and aesthetic crowns or veneers or direct veneers. These solutions are anticipated by a smile design process. As a result, you can see your new smile before the treatment. You can play for safety, since the outcome can be seen. Click here to know the secret of regular teeth.

There is a gap between my teeth

The gap between the teeth is mostly an aesthetic issue. There are two different solutions to the aesthetic treatment depending on the size and position of the gaps. Firstly, an orthodontic treatment can be carried out, that is time consuming, but a really gentle solution. Secondly, veneers or direct veneers can be made within 5 days. If you are tired of the vision of gaps between your teeth, this is the time to get rid of them and have an aesthetic smile.

Click here to know how this problem can be solved.

My gum is inflamed and bleeding

In most cases, bleeding gum is treated as a trivial symptom; however, more serious problems can be the reason behind this. It is worth to discover the root of the problem as soon as possible. Time is working against you in this case.

Click here to learn more about the reasons of gum bleeding and how can be perodontitis successfully treated.

My tooth is moving

You have noticed that your teeth are loose? Perhaps they are also sensitive? You should pay attention on these symptoms. The problems are mostly caused by the formation of the tartar and the inflammation of the gum. Teeth loose are clear indicators that you need help immediately, since your teeth are in danger: your teeth can be lost. Click here to get information immediately on the possibilities of successful treatments.

My gum is retracted

Retraction of the gum can be a biological process, but it can be also caused by orthodontic irregularity, night bruxism, not proper tooth brushing. In more serious cases, the retreated gum can be the symptom of periodontitis. Changing the tooth brushing habits, the treatment of periodontitis and in certain cases, gingivoplasty can be appropriate solution to the retread gum.

Click here to know more about these possibilities.

I have bad breath

Bad breath is usually caused by the proliferated bacteria which utilize breakdown products for metabolism. The root cause can be the dry mouth or the calculus deposited on the teeth that can be treated by dental cleaning, or the periodontitis, that can also be treated. Get rid of these unpleasant symptoms for life.

Click here to know how this problem can be solved.

My tooth are sensitive to hot, cold, sweet or sour

Tooth sensitivity is an irrefutable sign that means you feel shrewd pain when your teeth are affected by some external stimulus, and the pain does not stop within a short time. There can be different root causes. Firstly, we have to discover the root causes, and then we can start the treatment. Our clinic is equipped by all the devices necessary to set up a precise diagnosis. Click here to learn more about the digital diagnosis. (Green 3D CT and panoramic X-ray).

My teeth are sensitive to chewing

The root cause of this problem is probably the inflammation of the alveolodental membrane that covers the root of the tooth. The inflammation can be cured carrying out a root canal treatment, with the use of a dental microscope. In case that the sensitivity is caused by the inflammation of the periodontium, curettage might be the best solution.

Click here to learn more about the precision microscopic root canal treatment.

I would like to get rid of my amalgam fillings

Changing amalgam (made of metal) fillings is primarily an aesthetic issue, but it has to be mentioned that border seals are usually not perfectly fitted, that is why the teeth filled with amalgam are tend to decay. In certain cases, the quicksilver of the filling material can be reabsorbed in the body, that is why it is recommended to change amalgam fillings as soon as possible to metal free, modern and aesthetic fillings or inlays.

Click here to know more about the metal free prosthetics solutions.

My teeth get shortened and abraded

You are probably grinding your teeth while sleeping, and you may don’t know about it. This is the way your body tires to relief the stress built up during the day. In more serious cases it can cause pain in the jaw or headache. Teeth which get shortened this way can be treated making metal free crowns or veneers, mouthguard, NTI appliance. Click here to learn more about the possible solutions to restore the aesthetics and the functionality of your teeth which get shortened.

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